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client successes

Success Stories

1. Acquisitions: Advantages of Playing the Customer Card

2. In the Race to Market, Real-Time Research Wins

3. New Product Development: Hitting the Jackpot With Market Insights



  • Richard Cellini (Integrity Interactive)
    Understand demand in the ethics and compliance markets



  • Dan Cost (Thomson Corporation)
    Broad-based employee communication survey


  • Joe Dougherty (Cengage)
    Customer benchmark studies, customer defection studies



  • Martin Morgan (DMG Information)
    Due diligence for an acquisition






  • Peter Warwick (Thomson Tax and Accounting)
    Customer segmentation

"I have engaged Rita on many projects spanning diverse markets like financial, learning, legal and scientific and health. Her research and recommendations have been rock-solid and allowed us to outperform the market consistently. What sets Rita apart from her competitors is the enthusiasm she brings to every client, her ability to build the best teams, her determination and resourcefulness that ultimately turn average results to extraordinary outcomes.

If market insights are what you are looking for, then I wholeheartedly recommend Rita and Chestnut Hill Advisors."

Dave Shaffer, Chairman Cengage, former VP Thomson Corporation.

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