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how we do it

Our approach

Organizational self-awareness is just as critical as market and competitive intelligence. That’s why Chestnut Hill Advisors starts engagements by working with your key leadership to conduct internal due diligence. Together, we will examine and define your:

Business objectives
History of marketing successes and challenges
Financial and human resources
Systems and structures
Competitive landscape

Once the engagement is underway, we will keep you abreast with update calls weekly or as often as needed.

Our Research Toolkit

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative research yields a bounty of customer perceptions, attitudes and emotions—subjective data that are at once extremely valuable and difficult to analyze. Chestnut Hill Advisors employs KJ Analysis to unlock the full potential of qualitative studies.

Quali-Quant Research: The Best of Both Worlds

"In any successful organization, market research is the absolute foundation of the house. Without having the necessary market intelligence—not only customer but also competitor—it's very difficult for a business to develop a reasonable cognition of the key issues it faces. In my opinion, Chestnut Hill Advisors is an excellent resource for asking the right questions in the marketplace and building institutional knowledge of how customers view products, offers and services. This function is critical in today's fragmented and hyper-competitive markets."

Werner J. Reinartz, Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

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