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what we do

Chestnut Hill Advisors offers a suite of services to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Although available individually, you will derive maximum benefit—and value—from the synergy of our bundled solutions.

Research design, implementation and analysis
All research studies are custom-designed to uncover precisely the market, customer and competitive data you need. We cull from an expansive toolkit of advanced qualitative and quantitative methodologies based in behavioral science and statistics.
Marketing strategy
In every business sector, the landscape is rapidly filling beyond capacity with a constant emergence of new, often unconventional, players. The stakes are high, the competition is intense. And even a brilliant offering is no longer enough. To succeed in this environment demands strategic choices—built on a foundation of incisive market intelligence—at every stage of the product lifecycle, beginning with development.

Chestnut Hill Advisors follows a five-step process to ensure your success. We will help you:

Choose the market with the most upside potential
Select market segments to dominate
Develop offering based on customer needs
Price strategically
Align your messaging with customer motivators
Professional education
The way the world does business is changing—and so are the tools for succeeding in it. Seasoned as well as novice marketers benefit from expanding and refreshing their skills. Indeed, it is a bottom-line necessity.

Our seminars will keep your executives on top of their game and your markets. Among the things they’ll learn:

“Market Research: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
“Interviewing 101: How to Hear the Unspoken”
“To Research or Not to Research: Guidelines for
 Smart Marketing”
“The New Killer App: Solving Customers’ Problems”
Sometimes all you need is short-term guidance to stay on course. Chestnut Hill Advisors will consult with you by the hour or day, on-site or remotely.

"Comprehensive, detailed and continual measurement of our customers' experience has been a critical component of our marketing strategy. Insights gleaned from that help my team stay on top of changes in the marketplace and respond to trends.  What has made our program a true success is having regular pulse surveys that enable us to quickly respond to requests from our customers. This in turn lets customers know we're listening to their concerns and are doing something about them. I know I can count on Rita and her team to provide us with accurate and timely customer data, analysis and recommendations to accomplish this."

Kim Collins, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Thomson Financial

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